Big Ben's Big Black Jack

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Big Ben's Big Black Jack created by Ben P. Dorsi-Todaro when he was 16. Do to limitation that he had to face with his research, it took him until 2003 to get the video game built. It was his first program that he had designed, and lacks certain qualities that are expected in most computer programs. For example he was unaware of envirment variables. Because of this it is required that the user has their Windows System installed on drive C:

Big Ben's Big Black Jack was originally intended to not be open source. However Ben P. Dorsi-Todaro has decided to release it as Open Source. Unfortantently he has lost the source code to the program. But feel free to decompile the program and obtain the source code for your personal use.

Ben P. Dorsi-Todaro is no longer working on this project so please do not contact him for support. Ben P. Dorsi-Todaro welcomes any programmer who is willing to take the time out to decompile the program to be able to maintain it, and bring it back to life. As long as the programmer agrees to make follow the GNU/GPL guide lines.


Download Big Ben's Big Black Jack